LaserTechs Lasermodule Punktlaser Linienlaser Kreuzlaser
LaserTechs Lasermodule Punktlaser Linienlaser Kreuzlaser


Dot ... Line ... Cross
Violet, Blue, Green, Red, IR

LaserTechs offers OEM Laser Modules with emission in the visible wavelength range, e.g. 375, 405, 445, 473, 520, 635, 650, 660, 670, 690 nm, and the near IR-range (780 - 1550nm).

Compact green DPSS-Modules and LED-Modules are also available.

Our products are based on a "building block" design. This means you can choose from different options and variations to meet your specifications best for easy integration of our laser modules in your systems:  

  • power regulation via potentiometer
  • power regulation via analogue signal
  • digital modulation, e.g. for switching the laser on/off
  • temperature stabilisation
  • a range of different optics (dot, line, cross, patterns, grids)
  • different operation powers and connectors

Apart from that, we can offer fully customised design - just talk to us.

Our product portfolio:


  • LGM series of mini-modules
  • LG standard series
  • LTS "LTsafe" series of laser modules with extended safety features
  • LTI series (IntelliLaser®) laser modules based on micro-controller technology
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