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LaserTechs Lasermodule Punktlaser Linienlaser Kreuzlaser

Social Responsibility

Conflict Minerals (Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502)
LaserTechs Compliance Statement
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LaserTechs pays tax in Germany which goes without saying. By doing so, we could consider our contribution to society as done. However, the fraction of tax that actually goes into the support of social purposes is insufficient to make a difference. Therefore, a lot of private, charitable commitment is needed - and simply money.

Since for us it is a matter of the heart and equally important as paying tax, we wouldn't usually mention this. But there are plenty of projects lacking support, which is why we are taking this opportunity to function as an amplifier, multiplier and promotor for a good cause. Please join our support!

The project we are supporting is right on our doorstep, where we think social responsibility should start: the German Child Protection Association 

This is what they are doing:

learning aid -help children with weak schooling basis to improve
assisted interaction – accompany children during the process of separation and divorce of their parents 
non-violent education – „power" doesn't equal violence
project „SpaSSS“ – safe and clean playgrounds… children take responsibility for their environment
judicial subjects – humans do not only have rights but also duties... the goal is a respectful conduct with others and self-responsibility

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