LaserTechs Lasermodule Punktlaser Linienlaser Kreuzlaser
LaserTechs Lasermodule Punktlaser Linienlaser Kreuzlaser

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LaserTechs in new hands

Aschaffenburg/Großwallstadt, 05.04.2024
After almost 16 years, Barbara Eschbach hands over LaserTechs e.K. to AB-tron Entwicklungs GmbH in Aschaffenburg. "I would be pleased if our langstanding customers and partners put their trust in the new owners Martin Geistler, Mike Fischer and Fabian Büttner."


Fabian Büttner has worked with LaserTechs since 2018 in development and production and will remain as a constant regarding quality and further development. AB-tron Entwicklungs GmbH is a developer of microelectronics and valued by their customers for their focus on customized development, individual concepts, with flexibility and high dedication to quality. They will integrate LaserTechs' products as a brand, adding Laser- und LED-Modules to their portfolio.

LaserTechs introduces LTS520,  
a green laser module at 520 nm wavelength which is available in the output power range <1 mW up to 30 mW. This module distinguishes, like all modules oft he LG-; LTS- and LTI-Series through rugged and compact design. Protection against ESD, surge and excess voltage ensure undisturbed operation in industrial environments.

This module can be equipped with optional power regulation via potentiometer or analogue signal, modulation, and furthermore with dot-, line-, cross-, pattern- or grid optics.

Dimensions: Ø12 mm x 50 mm length
Connection: 15 to 24 VDC

LTI - Intelli Laser® for smart technologies

LaserTechs recently introduced the Intelli Laser® – a micro-processor controlled OEM laser diode module which is ideal for integration in smart systems requiring components to be monitored and individually addressed.

Typical applications are e.g. machine vision, positioning, piloting, or scanning or sensing. The electronic intelligence helps trace critical parameters, thus ensuring optimum operation and maintenance quality. Customer benefits are increasing accountability, reliability and reduced servicing cost.

The Intelli Laser® is electrically isolated and protected against reverse polarity, electrical surge, and over-current.

Apart from the described electronic intelligence and common-sense handling, LaserTechs can offer the IntelliLaser® series in a wide range of wavelengths and output powers, as well as optical qualities. Whether ordinary dot projection, line or cross generation, parallel lines or dot pattern structures, most of these alternatives are available with different opening angles and optional additional focusability.

Available wavelengths cover most of the visible to the near infrared spectra, with output powers from <1mW to around 150mW (dependent on wavelength).

The design of this rugged module is very compact, with a “standard version” measuring only 12mm in diameter x 90mm length (the length can vary dependent on the optical requirements).

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

LT Safe- safe, quality in every respect


  • protection against: ESD, reverse polarity, over current, electrical surge
  • potential-free
  • suitable for input voltages 5-24VDC
  • AR-coated glass optic (focusability on request)
  • galvanised brass housing (also possible: aluminium, stainless steel)
  • good heat conductivity
  • compact design: ø12mm x 50mm


  • high operation temperature range
  • modulation input
  • power regulation via trim-pot or analogue input
  • line or cross generation, line grid, dot matrix projection


  • plug & play
  • rugged laser module for demanding conditions, e.g. integration in machine tools or laser cutting systems

Please contact us for more information.

Our product ranges:


  • LGM series of mini-modules
  • LG established standard series
  • LTS series of laser modules with extended safety features
  • LTI series of laser modules based on micro-controller
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